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HAPPY 2021! Changes & updates

I hope everyone is well, healthy and most importantly sane from the hard year we all faced. For some parts of the world, we are starting to get back to some form of normality. In others, you are still going through it... we are keeping you in our thoughts always.

Last year I decided to take a very long break from managing the group. I got married, moved into my "forever home" (all SL btw) and decided I just wanted to be a wife at home with my hubby haha. I started to lack energy to create events or even be active in the group. A lot of the staff within the group had the same energy and it was agreed that we will all step back for a while and take it easy.

I have to admit, I have enjoyed the break as it has now allowed me to look into things I love or want to explore within SL. I have a new found love for blogging.. boy is it a journey! My hat goes off to you long time bloggers. I am deffo enjoying it and learning so much!

After I had seen a few posts and comments about the status of the group, it made me think if I should continue or finally let SISL go? From the response that I got from the members it gave me new hope that I should keep going.. In that moment it reminded me why I wanted to create this group and I should continue providing a platform for women. We all go through good and bad times, but regardless we need to stick together!

So what can we expect now I am active within the group again?

  1. We have a new landing point for Sisters in SL HQ!

Yep, we have moved into Campbell Coast! We have a very cute spot along the mainland road, so lots of traffic for new joiners to discover and its a nice lil chill out spot where members can get info about what's happening. also you can use it as a base to meet some sisters within the group! Come check it out , SISL HQ

If anyone would like to help decorate our new spot, please send me a message inworld (Aurora Mercury) and I will give you a tag that allows you rezz! It would be nice if we all worked together to let the community know SISL are in town!

2. Events are coming back!

So I will be bringing some events back. It may not be as busy as before.. but I will be bringing back that group interaction. Monthly I will be sending a announcement asking members if they would like their events added to the website. Also, please remember all members have access to posting events inworld, discord and our Facebook page.

As we have moved into Campbell Coast, we have tons of space that we can use around this community, so we are all instore for lots of fun!

4. Look out for competitions, photo group shoots applications, games and prizes.

We will be more interactive with our members and showing recognition and love to our sisters. We all need a extra bit of love!

3. Possible job opportunities

Keep an eye out for possible positions required to help moderate the group.

Going forward, we will be posting on here a lot more. if you want to really stay up to date with what we have going on, make sure you subscribe to our website so you never miss updates!

Great to be back!

Hugz and kisses,

Aurora x

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