• Aurora Night

Summer is here!

How are you all doing? It is so unbearable in UK right now with this heat. My fan is constantly on full blast all day, everyday!

SISL staff have enjoyed a nice break for a few weeks to allow us to sit back and see what direction we are wanting to head in and we are full of ideas that i know alot of you will enjoy. As you will notice our events are picking up again and we are really utilising the Blossom Meadows community with our meditation rituals, parties and spa day events! So be sure to keep a look out. We do have a few homes that have become available, so check out the Blossom Meadows section of available homes and grab one while its available as our homes go very quickly!

We also are looking forward to all your cool photos for the #sistersinslphotocontest where you get a chance to win 1000L$ prize, your image will be featured on the SISL facebook page and possibly be featured in our magazine! The deadline is 31st August and the winner will be announced on 5th September.

SISL magazine team will be coming back in a few weeks. Those hard working ladies deserved a nice summer break as they have all been working their pixel butts off like crazy. They are all really keen to get back into it and we cant wait to see the amazing content they will put together!

Keep a look out for any other crazy things we bring to the grid as we have lots in store that we cant wait to reveal!

Stay safe, healthy and sane.

Love Aurora

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