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"Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end" ~ Robin Sharma

During these crazy times in RL it has raised alot of uncertainty and distress to many all over the world that unfortunately transcends into SL. I am sure alot of us have had to take a moment to sit back and re-prioritise things that bring us all happiness and comfort. Especially in these hard times, that's all some of us may need. I am forever proud of everything that i have achieved by creating this group with the memories and amazing people i have met along the way who have also taken the group on board as their "baby" and introduced ideas and events that have helped the group tremendously. I recently posted a announcement of changes that will be taking effect as from 31st October. That being the closure of Sisters in SL magazine and Blossom Meadows community. Due to my RL circumstances and me wanting a break, this will close end of October. Events will also reduce slightly which will mean more support is needed from our members to create events. All members now have access rights to post notices inworld. So if you have an event, please post and let your fellow "sisters" know what's happening around the grid! So to make it crystal clear, THE GROUP IS NOT CLOSED. We are all still here and want to meet you amazing people and have fun! I have started a project of introducing a Sisters Talkshow where i get to meet influential people around the grid who want to share their journey. I feel this will be inspirational and also helps to promote the talent out there! So if interested, please contact Yasuki.Takeda who will be able to provide you with information about how to get on the show. We are also looking to introduce live audience, so look out for when those tickets will be available too! Hope you all grab the Halloween issue which was very emotional for me to read and i feel was our best issue! It will be sad to see this come to an end but i am thankful that we ended this on a good note with love still amongst the team. I am very lucky to have met these talented women and who knows what the future holds.. just happy to have our lovely members to enjoy it with us along the way x

Summer is here!

How are you all doing? It is so unbearable in UK right now with this heat. My fan is constantly on full blast all day, everyday! SISL staff have enjoyed a nice break for a few weeks to allow us to sit back and see what direction we are wanting to head in and we are full of ideas that i know alot of you will enjoy. As you will notice our events are picking up again and we are really utilising the Blossom Meadows community with our meditation rituals, parties and spa day events! So be sure to keep a look out. We do have a few homes that have become available, so check out the Blossom Meadows section of available homes and grab one while its available as our homes go very quickly! We also are looking forward to all your cool photos for the #sistersinslphotocontest where you get a chance to win 1000L$ prize, your image will be featured on the SISL facebook page and possibly be featured in our magazine! The deadline is 31st August and the winner will be announced on 5th September. SISL magazine team will be coming back in a few weeks. Those hard working ladies deserved a nice summer break as they have all been working their pixel butts off like crazy. They are all really keen to get back into it and we cant wait to see the amazing content they will put together! Keep a look out for any other crazy things we bring to the grid as we have lots in store that we cant wait to reveal! Stay safe, healthy and sane. Love Aurora

SISL Has a new Website!

After weeks and weeks of endless tweaking and trying to get my head around using wix (it's my first time everrr) I have finally finished working on the website! I have to admit, i am quite impressed with myself as i feel it now represents exactly what the group stands for! **pats myself on the back** Hello to new visitors! I hope you find this website easy to navigate around and get as much information you need around what Sisters in SL is about because we have a WHOLE LOT going on! Here you will find information on all our upcoming events, you meet the crazy team behind the scenes who all work extremely hard to keep the group going! Shout out to the team! You can find our past magazine issues and also you will find information on our new upgraded community sim Blossom Meadows, that is filled with tons of interactive areas and evens offers the option of BeYou integrated homes! So what's in store for June? hmmm... well the team behind the scenes are going through a huge restructure and the atmosphere is very exciting as we want to expand more and bring in fresh new talent! One thing for sure, we all want to keep each other positive especially throughout this difficult time and you can really feel the unity as we post funny memes and gifs that keeps us in stitches! So its a very exciting time for us! I hope all our members are staying positive and smiling! We are thinking of you always! Enjoy the new site! Peace and love always, Aurora

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